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A propos de Beach Access

Beach AccessThe beach and their access: source of conflict because so loved and jealoused,

The beach and its objects: used and denigrated, found with pleasure or stored with melancholy.

Beach: sand spit that is itself the theater of unique scenes of life, a playground, a place for rest, contemplation and creation. This simple place, where every grain of sand, each wave or sunset brings its particular host an inner unforgettable experience and often rewards us with each visit.

This magical place is a source of inspiration, and its objects, necessary accessories to spend a perfect day, must, in addition to being the most functional and practical as possible, to be as beautiful and unique as the places where they will be used.

Beach Access pays homage to "The Silver Coast", this fantastic French Aquitaine coast discovered by Maurice Martin, poet traveler who put forward in the early 20 th century. The first bathing knew that the more adventurous this time, artists and travelers, probably recognize through our creations.

Our collections are the result of collaborations between artists and craftsmen, them well in our century, and invite you to travel. On a beach!

Jean-Baptiste Coffin