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Think global, Act Local

Beach Access collections are designed for a use close to the nature.

We had to think about it in our approach.

The materials used to manufacture our accessories are carefully selected based on their impact on the environment. We prefer recycled and recyclable course (Wood, Microfiber, Eco Inks + ...)

Our qualitative approach leads us to believe that the products repaired instead of being thrown is a better solution for the respect of the world. This is why only use quality fixtures, repairable and replaceable as needed. When you invest in any of our products, it is for long.

In the same way, the choice and selection of our partners operate according to their environmental ... and of course their geographical remoteness.

The production, manufacture and assembly of our products ranges, the largest piece accessory, exclusively made closer to us. For this, we have a network of local suppliers, with whom we work hand in hand to further mitigate our impact on the planet.

Product quality, ability to repair, French manufacturing, local partners and suppliers and environmentally: this is our product design who loves our planet.