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The Range

The Range

We take the greatest care to our products. The French craft must demonstrate that the products formed are not only unique, but also with a great quality.

After the first step of design and prototyping, these are tested for real...  We are therefore forced to go a little on the beach!

Beach Access products are put into collection after having successfully passed the stress tests, the washing machines, and other exposures of all kinds repeated and repeated.

Although these tests can sometimes be neat little recess, returns are ruthless to manufacture a single objective: the quality of the product.

A second phase control is performed at the output of our factory partners. Each piece is systematically inspected before leaving the hands of the one who makes the object in question.

A third and final check is made carefully when shipping the product.

However, if that does not bring you the expected pleasure, we promise to find the best solution for your Beach Access using experience proves unique and positive.

Anyway, the great basketball player from the Spurs, TP, is a fan!